Wildwood Crest, NJ

I just got back from a trip to Wildwood Crest. I’d never been to New Jersey before, and the southern part of the state is just lovely: lots of farms and green and quaint houses. Driving towards the shore it’s lush and beautiful, without all the development you see in parts of the coast here in NC. I’m sure that there are parts of the shore that aren’t as quaint, but near the cape it almost has a village feel to it. Lots of old houses owned by people who’ve been there forever. Some rentals of course but it doesn’t feel hectic and overdeveloped. The beach itself is absolutely huge, and there may be a lot if people out there but it’s never crowded. The inns on the beach all along the shore are probably my favorite part: retro style that has been preserved with love. They have been kept up beautifully, and it’s just fantastic to me that people appreciate that ’50s/’60s look and strive to maintain it. It’s like being on a movie set, what with the plastic palm trees by the pools and the pink walls and huge neon signs in great retro fonts. I think that in a lot of other places such structures would be demolished in favor of something new and shiny, but inherently boring and tacky. Here are some pictures! I was working so I couldn’t get as many as I’d have liked:







~ by atomlattice on July 1, 2012.

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