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Circle of Spam

For quite a while, our university email inboxes were inundated with a remarkable amount of spam. Truly remarkable — almost a hundred spam emails a week at times. I personally really enjoyed those emails, because not only could the textual content be incredibly clever and funny, but almost Dadaist. The quality of the spam I am receiving now is really quite sorry, and I am honestly a little bit sad that our IT department was able to stem the tide of these emails. However I did compile some of my favorites. They read particularly well when presented as prose. I hope that you enjoy

Here’s a little sample:

Do it, daddy-o, do it. Ive got the gilt. He blinked and I worse than that- Universitato had sent an expedition to a reported archeological site dressed in white, ministered to him. I dropped into the nearest chair silencing the music with a swipe of his hand. Dropping into his chair It was quite a long walk and I was getting tired again. When all this terminated the test when we saw what was happening. He nodded over his coffee. Youre beginning to make sense. A pop Completely aware, thank you. Absolute silence on that topic, yes, gracing the summit. I swung the sword so no one came too close,

Howard asked if Kimberly’s boyfriend was there too. Bubba promised to provide. Howard interrupted and said he heard about that. Howard said it turns out that Robin forgot her check and didn’t give him anything yet so nothing was stolen. He said he realizes what a genius John Lennon was and he wishes that he had been able to meet him. Biggest Asshole Of The Weekend Discussions. He said he still watches old video tapes when he watches porn to get off. He should have given him some cash instead. Howard said they do have fantasies about that and the guys from the show may not be invited. Howard said that they had some great chemistry and she was probably feeling some chemistry there and would dump her husband. Why not a replay of a recent show. He said he really likes Sal but he was sitting alone with Beth when he came over and started bothering him.

gnaw rise, tiff nay gull, yawp nest ply ally
vanity leaf Dane row friz fit
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view im- Emmy
beam mine pipe spur bike Urdu
pour curd
Nebo piercog
bunt iffy
doge joy
pact hard just yowl tang fly grew foil mass
sink oily gaby almsbee
job nag kart yark rung mossread
flop sty vial
bar meltzeta
flat ishike rate feet
holm mug hold lime cant
smug out bob oft junk rear yarn gaze cosy
has amen damp eke gag
hind Adam holt luck
meg its pump mora zoom
two knot page blue popup poor
lay foe love mews bi- blur pan blab wolf
of us hi crap
wile were fish nose tap tap
bade box, lave vocal gird, gold de- jut whipup
pool popup joy barn hunt friz
back mega nick bail
cane mete ache
dung itch whip cant gift rig
pose ship
fit bill-o-
nun loot
copy sore
air he- fief swim warp fine snooty bed tint
coat zoom week rapttak
tee kern doss zal raid bedpile
hale emu dopout
tiff lynxvisa
stew faceyour Whit cite
rent kali hold rag awash
lama don rose dull owl why time line pod
lieu span dusk foul turn
beck you clip spat
back darn par fret loco
poem she- hew sod snooty lad
down grig or sack bean oil heal lawn desk
sand mix pace rip
cine bed banana deem lust haft
suck rile, maid top wet, crop axes fine silo
chaw lend . sofa mole shot
bet ? thro yawn
arch rain rag
atop zday bold lay rock dew
yoot pump
pip mulllest
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web rib
sway tit ford lest pleb olid rump beg should be
mote lode abbe rentquag
blew pile con- O` rock buffyare
pawn seed Jute
drop slapdrib
exit lumpyknap slew tote
bine mast pule agog keg
open limp phut name fuel kook bag bib bowl
wilt dun rend went nief
ewe iris dusk gawk
weak sold gild crag clip
raft zona aqua vast gain sham
aura food yelp tea Fin com- lent bard mute
Jute velt cope I`m
hulk pore spit Bull blob sup


I hurled myself at him and grabbed him by the throat. Lack of the booze taste is lack of virility and they cannotsurvive. The party had quietened down considerably. Subnormal freaks, or misguided in their early youth. There werea dozen hands to help him rise. As for her littlebag, might he not carry that? I regard it as my duty and as the duty of all of you, to stopthis man, in his own interests. As I watched, the back wall of the house crashed inwards and theroof subsided a foot. Then suddenly theassembly burst into a roar of delighted applause. Little bright specks danced beforemy eyes when I closed them. I noticed the youngman from the DAILY HERALD taking shorthand notes. Bung Thomas rose unsteadily to his feet and rolled towards Temple. I felt like some great tragedian walkingon before a hushed and crowded house. I remember I locked the front door and put the key under the mat. He dodged away and stood by Slatter and I called out to them. She could not help laughing herself sometimes. Did you square the fireman to squirt my roof! There was a general movement of uneasiness. Just when I realized mynecessity, she came back. Copyright laws are changing all over the world. I remember I locked the front door and put the key under the mat. Bung Thomas rose unsteadily to his feet and rolled towards Temple.

Look for the signs, the symbols.

~ by atomlattice on June 20, 2008.

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