The Mistake on the Lake

On Thursday I will be traveling to Ohio for the first time. I will be attending the Kenyon College graduation to see a certain little sister graduate and to visit Cleveland for a few days. My visit to Detroit last year set the bar pretty high and I am not sure if Cleveland will live up to it — that’s right, I vacationed in Detroit (in the city, not in the suburbs), and it was fantastic. Let me just digress for a moment and tell you some of the many fun things you can do in Detroit:

  1. Go to the old Tigers stadium. Be sure to get a beer at one of the old Irish pubs there in the neighborhood. There is also an abandoned train station in the neighborhood…it’s absolutely huge and beautiful, but surrounded by fencing so you can’t get inside.
  2. Go to a Tigers game downtown.
  3. Go to a techno club. I went to the Bleu Room in downtown Detroit.
  4. Eat a bunch of coneys. I called them chilli dogs and got a lot of confused looks. In the South we call em chilli dogs.
  5. Walk along the waterfront.
  6. Go to the public library, which is a really beautiful building.
  7. Visit some of the old abandoned factories like the old Packard plant.
  8. Go get beers at some of the great bars in the city. I went to the Old Miami and the Bronx Bar.
  9. There are lots of places to buy records.
  10. Go to Hamtramck and get some Polish food at Polish Village Cafe. Not at Polonia, which is a little ways down the street. There is some weird conflict going on between the two restaurants, which leads to them to try and sabotage the other by making comments online about how ugly the respective waitresses are.
  11. See those townhouses built by Mies van der Rohe.
  12. I guess you could go into Canada. But why leave Detroit?

In preparation of my visit to Cleveland (ha), I have been listening to some music from Ohio to get geared up for what I expect to be an awesome visit. I will put together a mix if I have some time. The bands will be:

  • The Ohio Players (Dayton)
  • The O’Jays (Canton)
  • Afghan Whigs (Cincinnati)
  • Rocket from the Tombs, Pere Ubu, The Dead Boys (Cleveland)
  • Electric Eels, The Styrenes, Mirrors (Cleveland)
  • Devo (Akron)
  • Bootsy’s Rubber Band (Cincinnati)
  • Lakeside (Dayton)
  • Slave (Dayton)
  • The Isley Brothers (Cincinnati)
  • Bone Thugs n Harmony (Cleveland)
  • Guided by Voices (Dayton)
  • Brainiac (Dayton)
  • Faze-O (Dayton)
  • Zapp (Dayton)*
  • Hi-Tek (Cincinnati)
  • Ohio Soul
  • (NEW) Stiff Records — The Akron Compilation (released 1979)

*(wow, Dayton?!)

I have been listening to *a lot* of Afghan Whigs lately, which is not related to my trip to Ohio. In general, I would say safely that in the ’90s I was obsessed with the ’80s, which usually consisted of listening to a lot of The Cure and watching Valley Girl incessantly. Now I have this thing with the ’90s where every so often I become completely re-enamored with all the bands from that era and I watch Twin Peaks incessantly. It also involves being enamored with a particular men’s hairstyle, which I realize now may be the connection between Twin Peaks and The Afghan Whigs: IT”S THE HAIR. Wow and I found this animated GIF, I love those.

And here are a bunch of videos. YouTube makes it so easy to add content, which may mean that I am lazy, but oh well. I will put together a mix of songs, but YouTube will offer their services in the meantime…

Afghan Whigs…

Dead Boys…


Isley Brothers…


Bone Thugs…and let me say that I saw them in May 2007 live and it was awesome…

Note the crowd surfing:


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