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I may be the last person on Earth to hear about the Crystal Stilts, but that’s okay, it has not diminished my enjoyment of them, particularly “Converging in the Quiet,” which is just an *incredibly* lovely song, and an excellent title. They have been blogged about a lot, so I won’t repeat what has already been said…

In celebration of the Crystal Stilts, I have put together a very short little “mix.” When I heard “Converging in the Quiet,” I immediately thought of these songs. The tracklisting is here:

  1. The Stockholm Monsters — Partyline [partylive mix] (Alma Mater Plus) orig. 1984
  2. The Opposition — Very Little Glory (Breaking the Silence) 1981
  3. Sort Sol — Marble Station (Natures Mortes — Still Lives, various — a 4AD compilation)
  4. Modern Eon — Second Still (Fiction Tales) 1981
  5. The Sound — Judgement (From the Lion’s Mouth) 1981
  6. Dissolve — Dissong (That That Is…Is (Not)) 1995
  7. Sad Lovers and Giants — Clocktower Lodge (Epic Garden Music) 1982
  8. The Names — Life By the Sea (Swimming + Singles) orig. 1982

As you can see, this small collection is heavily skewed toward the early ’80s and Factory records, but the Crystal Stilts evoke that sound. I suppose that Dissolve is the “one unlike the others” in this collection, but I have been listening to that album a lot lately, and thought it appropriate for inclusion. And by the way, for years and years I was obsessed with The Names, and just now when searching for more information about them, I find that as of 12/22/07 they have a MySpace page. Some years ago, the only information about them was linked from the Crepuscule and Factory pages, and I actually emailed the webmaster of the site (I guess you will have to search for it in the Internet Archive) about The Names early last year and he said, “many years ago I had brief contact with the Names’ lead, but other than that he’s moved on and so has the world, I guess.” Well, I suppose that The Names have now reformed. It’s interesting, because a lot of bands from that era have reformed and appear to be playing shows regularly. Well, I might as well say this, too, that their album “Swimming” is highly underrated…for example, allmusic gives it a paltry two and a half stars, and Simon Reynolds calls them a Joy Division knock-off band in Rip It Up and Start Again. On the contrary, I think that The Names accomplish an extraordinary level of atmosphere on that record. Some of their later singles are more sort of straight-ahead post-punk dance stuff, but their ideas on Swimming are very unique, I would say. And Sort Sol, I don’t know, I guess that they have changed a lot over the years, and I know that they are worshipped in Denmark, so that’s all I will say about that. But Marble Station is one of my favorite songs, across the board, and I particularly like how repetitive and hypnotic it is.

So, here is the link to the songs in a zipped file…I was going to try out Muxtape, but it takes forever to upload each song, and there is a 10MB limit per song. I am trying instead…the tracks will be out of order, but hopefully it will work. And if you search for some of these bands on YouTube, there are videos galore! Thank goodness for YouTube.

~ by atomlattice on May 4, 2008.

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