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Wow, I am very saddened to see that a wonderful resource about Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club,, has expired or has been deleted, or…? Who can we thank for this now dearly departed site? I think it’s “Stevo” (Stevo Olende?) and others that we have to thank for putting it together and doing all those interviews. What happens to a website when it dies? (*yes, see the Internet Archive, but still…when you search in Google for “The Gun Club” it’s the first result, and when you click on it it’s some scary guy pointing automatic weapons in your face. Not too cool.) The only thing I am glad about is that if the site is permanently gone, then I at least can rest assured that I made printouts of many of the articles and pictures. That’s right Gun Club fans and digital content aficionados! On paper. This is a very interesting preservation issue here, pressing, and in the flesh. I have been self-conscious about my inclination to print everything out, even if it is online, or in PDF format, etc. (remember, LOCKSS! it’s serious!) I will tell you why I printed out so many of the articles, not including my general affection for Pierce and the Gun Club: I needed some of the photos to draw some pictures (really) and I needed the interviews and histories for, yes, another WXYC show, this one about the Gun Club.

So, here is the Gun Club Family Tree that I drew with my own little hands (I admit that I am little rusty with the drawing, but…)…I am finding that WordPress doesn’t do well with images, so if you choose to view the image, then it will take you to the WXYC site where it lives:

Also, the Gun Club Thursday Night Feature was in June 2006, and I will get that tracklisting to you! It is in a filing cabinet somewheres (another interesting preservation issue, but anyway)…here was the propaganda:

JEFFREY LEE PIERCE on the Thursday Night Feature, 9 p.m. to midnight. This week on the Thursday Night Feature we will celebrate the long and storied career of musician Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his cow-punk band The Gun Club. Formed in 1980 as Creeping Ritual, The Gun Club lineup changed often, featuring many career musicians from different continents and various genres. This TNF will feature The Gun Club’s albums, Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s solo work, and their friends’ work with other bands as well.

How about some other links to Gun Club info? These people have an interesting site, and they have archived some NYT articles about Pierce and the band. Also, Stevo (I’m assuming the same) wrote an excellent history of the band, as well as his compatriot Jay Hinman in the excellent Perfect Sound Forever online magazine. Perfect Sound Forever isn’t going anywhere, right? And, why not, here are videos!

~ by atomlattice on April 23, 2008.

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  1. amazing drawing Sarah!!!! i love it! i’m adding this blog on my links… bye

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