Give Me the Words

Coming up with another blog post was much more difficult than I expected. I thought about sharing information about something I thought was cool/obscure/of interest. But what I found, after first searching for topics online, is that hundreds of other people, unknown to me, ALSO think that what I think is cool is cool. And they are also talking about it on their blogs! Who knew? Confound this Internet! This blog may turn very quickly into yet another voice in the chorus…? Is there anything left over to talk about?

I can at least collect here for you (and me), in one convenient spot, some wonderful things. I will share what I find to be not only cool, but exquisitely beautiful, and for now I will leave the practical things for other posts. Firstly, I was profoundly pleased, as I’m sure you all are, to find a couple Chrome videos on YouTube:

In May 2003 (I am still trying to pinpoint the date…the 15th or the 22nd) I did a Thursday Night Feature on the Chapel Hill college radio station WXYC where I featured Chrome and other bands from San Francisco! Here was my blurb for the show:

MEET YOU IN THE SUBWAY: San Francisco 1977-1981 on the Thursday Night Feature, Thursday 9 p.m.-midnight This week’s Thursday Night Feature covers the San Francisco underground, from the punk scene nurtured at the club Mabuhay Gardens to new wave and the avant garde. Punk broke hard in San Francisco much like it did in L.A., inspiring bands like the Nuns and the Avengers. The Residents and their label Ralph Records, featuring acts like Tuxedomoon, delved into the experimental. Many more groups centered around the Bay Area will be featured, including a history of the scene during the late seventies.

It is my dear hope that somehow I can get the tracklisting of that show. That was when we were still writing down our tracklistings on PAPER of all things. I did not record it! But perhaps I can recreate it. What I would like to do is to put up the tracklistings of some of the other shows I have done over the years (at WXYC) and some mixes, too. I will do this soon.

In the spirit of things, here are a couple more videos – this time from my beloved Tuxedomoon, another band originally from San Francisco. There is so much to say about them…and Chrome…perhaps for another post. In the meantime, please enjoy:

~ by atomlattice on April 19, 2008.

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